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Dominic Cruz To Decide Whom To Fight Against

In February at UFC 169 Urijah Faber just finished a four clash winning line by taking a title confront loss to Renan Barao. Faber is now preparing to walk back into the ring for other wrestle which he had faced before, though his carrier now has been bookended by Barao setbacks.
Faber made it known to everyone that he wants to take on his old competitor Dominic Cruz at the Sin City occasion at the UFC on 5th July. The Cruz manager tweeted in the UFC that the dominator may not be recovered from his groin injury before taking on the fight to be held in July. But if Cruz will be recovered soon then it will stand to be a huge match and also the promotion will easily build up.
Cruz is a four time UFC and WEC unbeatable champion and Faber is one of the ranked wrestlers in the bantamweight division. Leaving his belt due to injuries and sitting in number nine at 135 pound weight class, a match against Faber will be a perfect match for Cruz to return to the brand.
Moreover there is also an interest in their plays. Both of them have fought for two times before and won the match each time. This third fight between them will make a great impact on Cruz’s life and also it would make for a huge co-main occasion. The match will not be considered as main then obviously the fight will showcase how Cruz will look after three years of rest.
It would be quite interesting to watch how Faber perform without the coach and the dominator after three years of discharge. The UFC will not be paying any consideration towards all this matter. If Cruz would be fit and ready to go for his next fight with Barao then the advertisement may look like Cruz vs. Barao and not Cruz vs. Faber.